Why should I learn Billings instead of another method of Natural Family Planning?
Other methods of NFP are certainly effective. But I’ve found that Billings is so simple and explains so much that it’s a great method, whether it’s the first one you’re trying or you want something new.
Can this work with irregular cycles or before I even have cycles (e.g. postpartum)?
Absolutely! With Billings, you’ll be able to identify days of infertility and possible fertility, even when your period happens rarely, randomly, or not at all yet. Billings is a lifetime method.
How much hassle is this going to add to my day? I'm already a busy person!
Not much at all. You won’t have to wake up at a certain time, buy monthly test strips or supplies, or wipe a certain way when you use the restroom. With just some extra awareness, the 4 simple rules of the Billings method, and an instructor to help you understand, you can be a successful user of the Billings method.
Can't I just use an app that will tell me what's happening?
Apps are great to store and share information but are not very good at interpreting it. Many apps today are essentially 1930s Rhythm Method recycled in a high-tech package. There are a couple apps compatible with Billings – NFP Charting and Fertility Pinpoint – but they won’t interpret for you. You’ll need to have training in how to make observations and what they mean. That’s where a trained instructor comes in!
Can't I just learn from a book?
You can certainly learn the rules from a book, but applying them correctly, especially in tough situations, requires expertise. Working with a trained instructor ensures that you’re using a method to its full capacity and identifying all infertile and possibly fertile days correctly.
How much does it cost?
For the first year of instruction, support, and materials, the cost is $200. After that, renewals are $75 annually for the same level of coverage. Financial assistance is available if you cannot afford to pay.
Why does this cost money?
The instructional fee is a suggested, voluntary donation, so if you can’t pay it, you don’t have to. But your donation funds further education so that I can serve you even better, childcare while I meet with you, material and program costs, and funds to get the word out more. If money is tight, talk to me! I’ve been there too, and I’ll work with you. But the instructional fee does some great things, both for you and for other women.